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Life is strewn with choices and paths that determine our destiny and give the journey of life its shape and form. This book contains an exceptional and rich story told by a woman who knew all too well the difference between beating the drums of war and building bridges of peace, for she has lived through them both. In a series of exciting and real events, she narrates the full story of her life: defeated and victorious, unwavering and falling, laughing and crying, moments when life and death intermingled as she almost lost her children when they attended schools with more bullet holes than pupils. Ivonne tells us the story of how it was her destiny to move from a person witnessing first-hand the horrors of war in Lebanon, in the western part of Asia, to becoming a peacemaker in the northwestern part of South America. The book places the whole world in front of the reader, unveiling a stage where weaponless political wars which determine the destiny of whole nations are fought behind closed doors. It describes crucial meetings and historic situations, shocking and sometimes funny, with divisive leaders who occupied the world media in decisive moments, including U.S. President Donald Trump. The book discusses the temperamental nature of the president of the world’s most powerful country and the secret behind his controversial decisions which turned the world upside-down. It also mentions how Trump met Ivonne after a huge story grabbed the U.S. media when she met President Bill Clinton at the White House...
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أول امرأة تترشح للانتخابات الرئاسية في بلادها عام 2000. سفيرة الإكوادور لدى واشنطن حالياً وسفيرة الإكوادور لدى الدوحة سابقاً.
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