My Poetry Room
My Poetry Room
My Poetry Room is a collection of poems in poetic free verse, rhyme and prose.
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My Poetry Room is a collection of poems in poetic free verse, rhyme and prose. It is made up of 6 sections of poetical themes, each comprising around 12 poems. Some sections included in the book: “Memoirs” (personal poetic input and observations of places and people during travels in Beirut, Ireland, North Africa and Turkey) “Numbness” (more in-depth, psychological perspective on human nature and dreams based on research and readings) “To Lyndsey, poems” (Romantic/Reminiscent poetry on Ireland and love) “Portraits and Poems” (a collection of portraits in words – experimentation with language and imagery). In My Poetry Room (World Book Publishing, 2012), his second full-length collection of poems, Omar Baz Radwan journeys into the complexity of human emotions and rare details of pseudo-mystical dreams. With a poet’s eye for subtlety and a naturalist's sensibility, Baz Radwan winds these poems through intimate questions of life and the metaphysical and flowing metaphor of human and natural relationship
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Omar Baz Radwan
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