The Blue Jackal
The Blue Jackal
stories that children would hear from their parents and grandparents
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The Blue Jackal and other talesare stories that children would hear from their parents and grandparents, passed down through families, each storyteller relating his or her own version. In this beautifully illustrated hardback book, these fables are re-told in a simple language that children can understand and enjoy. First written down more than 2,500 years ago in an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit, these and other stories were included in a book called the Panchatantram fables. From India, travellers carried the stories to Iran, and then on to the Arabic-speaking world, where they formed part of a book called Kalila and DimnaAlso available in Arabic 
Once upon a time there was a good king who had three very lazy sons. As he grew older, their father began to despair. He wondered how he would ever succeed in educating his sons so that, when the time came, one of them could take over the rule of the kingdom. Experts came from far and wide to give advice, but the spoilt young princes would not listen to any of them.
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