Flight 101
Flight 101
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"The answers to life’s many questions are all around us. We just need to know where to look? Time is one of life’s harshest realities. Have you ever stopped to notice how quickly the world moves around you? How fast the pace of life is these days? We’re always in a rush, always so busy, always under pressure to get things done, to get through the week, the month, the year... But while we’re busy, speeding away on the rollercoaster of our lives, there’s one thing that remains constant: Time. Time ticks on, slow and relentless. And life rushes by without us even noticing it. We don’t realise how transient life is. We don’t take the time to notice all the different opportunities that surround us every day. We don’t see how we’re all connected, by time and by the events that take place around us and influence every one of us. We forget to pause. We forget to stop, to listen, to observe, and to appreciate. So, press pause for a moment. Take some time out. Reflect. For me, the best time for reflection is when I’m traveling. Long-haul flights are where I can look at the world from a bird’s eye view and really take the time to connect the dots and evaluate my life’s journey. The idea for this book came to me while I was on such a flight, and it happened to be Flight number 101 from Zurich to London. In this book, I’m sharing what I have learnt throughout my experiences; all the moments of pause and reflection that have allowed me to grow, to learn, and to appreciate every opportunity life brings. "
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